Black Desert fishbot

The Kap Shop

Is the official distributor for Black Deserts Fishing and Auction bot from  R23Team

The Kap Shop is able to provide secure and user-friendly shopping experience for customers from all over the World. In just a few seconds they can enjoy the bot.

Prices & Free Trial

Free 12 Hour Trial

After imputing the email you will receive your activation code, download link and setup guide to your address. We hope you will enjoy the experience!


After purchase you will receive an email to account that you specified with license key and download link.

Trial limitations

After enabling the trial you will be able to use all the features of the bot for 12 hours. But you will be able to enable it only once. Any attempts to use the trial more then once will be blocked.


The Bot files also will contain instructions on how to setup the bot, if you will have any issue with the bot we suggest you join us on Discord we have active community that will help you out.

10 Days of Fish bot

Price: 10$

We are sorry. No more codes available.

20 Days of Fish bot

Price: 15$

We are sorry. No more codes available.

30 Days of Fish bot

Price: 20$

We are sorry. No more codes available.

90 Days of Fish bot

Price: 45$

We are sorry. No more codes available.

180 Days of Fish bot

Price: 70$

We are sorry. No more codes available.

365 Days of Fish bot

Price: 100$

We are sorry. No more codes available.



Auction Bot

You can get pearl items, weapons, boss gear while you sleep.

Event Loot

Bot support all event items for all servers. Also you can add own loot.

Rod Switch

Automatic rodswitching once durability runs low all types of rods.

Worker Reruse

Bot feed and reuse workers.

Easy Setup

Setup bot in 5 minutes. Anyone can customize it to fit your needs.


Bot supports Europe/North America/Oceania, Japan, Korea, Taiwan

Payment, Delivery

Secure payment, instant delivery, various methods of payment

Live Support

You can always contact us by Discord or Skype and we will help you on any of the issues in real time.

Feedback & Community

Join us on Discord!

  • Tamer


    Amazing program, easy to use and superb customer service. Best money I’ve spent in a while! 10/10!
  • user2328


    Works super well. Went ahead and installed VMWare and it’s perfect. The relic shard only option makes it super legit for long afk periods.
  • archerFemale


    Work great, just don’t get greedy with it and stand in a crowded place 🙂 Will fit you best if you have a lot of inventory space and a few +5 and above epheria rod 🙂 since you can just repair the rod and go back out
  • mageFemale